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The 8 Best Motorcycle Roads in Wisconsin

Here's what you need to know...
  • People ride motorcycles for many different reasons
  • Every motorcyclist should know the characteristics of a good motorcycle road
  • Wisconsin offers many different biking route options
  • Cyclists should follow some basic safety tips
  • Shopping for insurance is easier when you know how to compare policies

Many people love to take to the open road on their motorcycles. There’s something inherently daring and serene about the experience. But why do so many people choose to ride motorcycles, and what makes the whole experience so incredible?

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The Appeal of Motorcycles


Though people ride motorcycles for a variety of reason, most bikers enjoy similar aspects of getting out on the open road, including:

– Riding in Style

There is no doubt that many people choose to drive their motorcycle for the aesthetic appeal. Shows like Sons of Anarchy are making motorcycle travel even more appealing to many people.

For some people riding a motorcycle gives them the opportunity to escape their mundane lives. Dressing up in typical biker gear allows people to step into a world that they may not be accustomed to.

– A Sense of Freedom

Motorcycles offer a chance to get away for many people. From housewives to CEOs, there are many people who need to a chance to spread their wings. Hitting the open road on a motorcycle is a great way to feel the freedom of the open road.

– Being Part of the Biker Community

Motorcyclists and bikers have developed their own culture and sense of community over time.

Many people enjoy feeling the sense of camaraderie that biking offers. Sharing something in common with a large group of people can make anyone feel like they are part of something greater than themselves.

– Getting Closer to Nature

When you find yourself in a climate-controlled car, it can be hard to feel like you are truly experiencing nature.

Motorcycles allow people to become one with nature. You feel the wind blowing past you. You hear the sounds and smell the smells that the Earth offers. The whole experience can be very calming.

What Makes for a Good Motorcycle Road


– Twists and Turns

Making sharp turns and navigating twisting roads are what makes motorcycling so much fun. The best motorcycle roads offer unexpected twists and turns; they keep you on your toes and allow you to test your skills at leaning into them.

–Amazing Views

The scenery is by far one of the most important factors to consider when looking for a great biking road. Connecting with nature requires a view.

Trees, mountains, rivers, creeks, and valleys are all great features for a biker’s dream road. While wildlife watching can be a great source of entertainment while traveling, motorcycle enthusiasts should keep their eyes on the road and the lookout for animals crossing the street.

– Free-Flowing Terrain

Free-flowing roads make a trip a lot more enjoyable. Roads with too many stop signs, crosswalks, or traffic lights don’t make the best motorcycling roads. That’s why planning most of your trips on back roads and highways is important.

These kinds of roads don’t have the hassles that accompany urban traffic.

The 8 Best Roads for Motorcycles


#1 – Great River Road

One of the greatest roads on this list runs along the Mississippi River for nearly 250 miles. But, that’s not the only reason Great River Road makes the list.

It’s a great drive for those who want to make frequent pit stops at some of Wisconsin’s charming historical towns. This route is ideal for a group of friends who want to explore the historical side of Wisconsin.

#2 – River Falls

River Falls offers some of the most beautiful scenery. This small town located near the Kinnickinnic River is a great place to take a scenic drive. The Kinnickinnic River has some of the most beautiful falls in Wisconsin. Those who want a more zen experience should plan a solo trip to this destination.

#3 – State Route 70

State Route 70 offers a plethora of great things. Also known as the Highway 70 Trunk Tour, this route will take you through beautiful forests, around mirrored lakes, and across amazing river scenes.

Don’t forget to stop at the world’s largest penny. It’s a classic part of this amazing route. This is an amazing route should be enjoyed with a group of people.

#4 – State Route 55

State Route 55 is one of the most peaceful routes on this list.

Route 55 has been repaved in recent years and offers a smooth ride. It has some somewhat twisting roads, relatively low traffic, and is shaded by trees most of the route. It’s a great trip for those who need to get away from the hustle and bustle and spend some alone time.

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#5 – State Route 108

This route is a great change of scenery. State Route 108 offers a view of some interesting houses, including the house of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Hamlin Garland. A portion of the road passes through some rocky hills.

The route is also home to some historic old bridges, one of which was built in 1926.

#6 – State Route 33

State Route 33 is one of the most daring roads that Wisconsin has to offer. The extremely sharp turns feel as if they should belong in a mountain range. Those who enjoy a driving challenge will love this route. This road is best for solo drivers.

#7 –Bay Shore Drive

Bay Shore Drive is a great way to experience the beauty of Green Bay in Lake Michigan. Those who love water scenery need to check out this route. The views of Lake Michigan are great at sunrise and sunset. This is a great route for solo drivers.

#8 – State Route 67

This route offers a look at trees as far as the eye can see. It also features some of the greatest stops a biker could ask for. State Route 67 runs through many of the small towns that make Wisconsin so great.

Motorcycle Safety Tips

  • Don’t Drink and DriveDrinking and driving a car is extremely dangerous, but drinking and driving a motorcycle is even worse. Riding a motorcycle requires motor skills, balance, and great depth perception, which can all be hindered by alcohol.
  • Drive Defensively – All motorcyclists should be aware of the other drivers on the road. Most drivers can’t see bikers in their rearview mirrors. Stay out of blind spots, and don’t weave in and out of traffic.
  • Always Wear Safety Gear – A helmet could save your life, and every motorcyclist should invest in one. Cyclists should also purchase the proper gloves and boots.

Shopping Around for Motorcycle Insurance in Wisconsin

The more quotes you get from competing companies, the more options you have at your disposal.

Not all insurance policies are created equal, and rates typically reflect that. Carefully examining each policy for differences in coverage will help you evaluate whether a policy is a fit for you.

Online quotes are a great way to get car insurance quotes quickly and in the comfort of your home. You should be aware that following up with an insurance agent and sales representative. They’re trained to find every discount possible.

Sometimes people forget that price isn’t always the only thing to consider. Finding a policy that fits your insurance needs involves looking at price, coverage, and customer service needs. Don’t settle for the cheapest policy. Choose a policy that meets all of your needs.

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